The Personal History of Damien Ferguson

1999-2003: It began back when I was 16 that I awakened. I remember it well and doubt I will ever forget it. It is a tale I have told before in various places so might as well do it here too! Anyways, I was in Florida on vacation, it was Wednesday morning around 3 am and it was amazingly dark out. I was out on the balcony and felt something, like a wave of energy roll over the night and it hit me, blowing open the door so to speak. I was kind of in a daze the rest of the trip. A week later and tons of changes, urges and other things were happening. So I jumped online to try and find some answers. This somehow lead me to the OVC/VC back on those old before-ezboard-thread-forum places where the OP had all those replies under it all the way down the page. It was there that my mentor “NK” found me and began fully explaining what was going on, what to expect and started teaching me.

Although I was still able to look around, find new places and you know be myself, I would totally get alot of “talking to” about stupid stuff I would do. I also found SLAD (St.Louis Ater Dark) at this time as I was in Southern Illinois and it was the closet gathering of odd folk. Sapphire was an amazing woman at what she did during her time heading SLAD. During the two years of being taught, I found my first real board I stuck around at, Drink Deeply and Dream. They had just moved to ezboard and it was run by Memory and Dream and her two close friends/admins.

I met many interesting people there, bratprince, nossie, gio, luci, orb to name a few. I also joined the House of St. Germaine though I did like alot of the people it was not for me at the time, was not ready for any type of “house” setting I found out rather quickly. We did part on decent terms and I do still miss my talks I had with some of them. This was the time that the classicals and other types of vampires were still in the community and psis were mixing with sangs more. It was an interesting melting pot that eventually lead to more infighting and a ton of sub vampire types to vanish or hide from the community which still does sadden me abit even now.

Eventually some of us had a falling out with M and made our own board called “Outerkin”. It was the second place I called “home” on the net. But things were different then and I was still a youngin who liked to challenge authority and did so constantly. I and the people there eventually had a falling out as well and I made my own ezboard, “Kindom”.  As well as going to places like guarding the key and random other places I found.

2004-2007: A bit later, CG offered me to come join her forum Smoke and Mirrors which I did. It was an awesome place and I did end up enjoying much time there. Of course I met some folk there, like Hawkmoor, Deacon [Gray], Jason Constantine, seeing Merticus’ first surveys and wondering what he wanted to do with the info 😛 and many others – many that are still around today. I also co-organized local meetups here in Spokane, Washington where I had moved to. It was a fun expierence until Meetup got greedy ofcourse. I also remember when Ning came out and Jason making Sangspace and helping him try and get that going well, but eventually Ning became a truly shitty platform and had no real shot at success overall. It was here that CG actually did talk with me and urge and help me work on being more calm, thinking more before I acted and being more of a cool head. She did help me a lot that I did not even realize until years down the road. When I went through a separation, she was the only one who really offered me help and a place to stay. Though I declined, it was still something that helped make her forever an elder in my eyes in and for the community.

2007-2010: During this time, oh around 2007/08 till around 2010 I was pretty scarce going through everything in life. Although I would pop in here and there once in a while and see the goings on. During this time I moved around to Southern Illinois again and then to Georgia. In Georgia we did meet the locals, only one vamp there. Though we never did a community thing, we did talk and hang out once in a blue moon and looked out for one another in a general sense of it.

2010-2014: Once I came back it was a new generation it seemed, the Facebook generation. Long gone really were the days of forums and securities they held, they were replaced with groups on FB that at times did not seem to have any moderation at all. I did lurk awhile and decide to jump back in. Still not a big fan of the whole FB thing, but whatever. I did once again meet more people, some I hadn’t got to known much, others I never heard of like the VCA, etc. Joined ICE and ended up parting ways with them and costarting my own House in Spokane as I had moved here again. I have in my time, seen many many people come and go, few to come back again. Some went into the shadows, and some Rest in Peace, still others just vanished to who knows where. I’ve seen many factions, houses and elders rise and fall. I’ve learned all I can and could from everyone I met for all those years, even the more taboo topics. Although I am sure I left out a lot, I hope it does help paint a better picture of someone who was a rebellious teen who challenged admins and elders to where I am today!

[Posted with permission of the author.]


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