“Discontent: A rite of passage?” – by Deacon Gray

In 1994-95 I ventured into the dark world of the new and exciting “Internet Chat”. Perhaps it was because it was all new to me, perhaps because it was a totally different community by content, than what it is today, but the excitement of exploration was huge.

Searching that black and green void, I found a lot of internet sites for vampires, most fairly horrid by today’s standards, but at that point in time it was a new world. I was young and pretty naive when it came to the community. I didn’t always understand the lingo, and often I thought the people more than a little insane. However, I always saw myself as being pretty open minded, so I heard them out, developed and grew. Then, I lost my ability to connect to the internet.

It was years later that I caught up to technology and started exploring the internet on my own machine, and what an insane powerhouse that was! The Compaq Computer the Presario 2100 computer. It featured 132 MHz Cyrix MediaGX processor, 17-in monitor, 24 MB RAM, 2 GB hard drive, 33.6 kbps modem, 8X CD-ROM drive…all the power anyone could every need!!

Maybe the power went to my head, maybe I felt like the electronic god that the machine made me, but I noticed a trend in more developed community. People were challenging the “Elders”. They were people like me, rebels with power and intellect aimed at the status quo, and ready to shake up the world.

Three years later, I found the Rebels were aiming their intellect and ego at me (their computers might have been newer, but they didn’t have the raw power I did!!) They challenged me on all kinds of silly things. I had people go near-ballistic for not liking a theory, or come unglued because they felt dis-respected. I was certain it was a product of the younger generation, but when I mentioned it, some of my older friends laughed. “You used to get fired up over whether “Tantric”, or “Pranic” were acceptable words!”

Ok…ok so I was pretty bad too.

“Deacon, it’s nearly a rite of passage. People come in with a certain view of the community. At first it’s all sparkles and excitement, then you start to see the flaws. Some people see the flaws and want to fix them right away, others take their time, and still others walk away from all of it.”

I suppose that is still the case. People often need to prove themselves, or challenge themselves against those they respect, or disagree with. Some people really need to test those they view as in charge in order to feel accepted as an equal, but is that the case?

I find most of the people who do really well in the community over time can converse, but they also know when to disengage. They can bring forward great idea’s without looking for the masses support first, and yet handle it when the masses end up not supporting the concept. The most successful of the community don’t seem to be the rabble-rousers at all, they‘re the movers and shakers of the community.

What I mean by that is they find a goal, or project a really dive into it. They don’t let the naysayers tell them no, because moving forever forward is the only YES they require.

Meanwhile the rebel’s, those deep in debate and strife, tend to do little more than that.

Is discontent a rite of passage? I think it is, but passing the rite has more to do with real action, not a lot of words and conflicts.

-Deacon Gray ©2014
House of The Dreaming

[Posted with kind permission of the author]


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