Highlights of 1999:

February 17: OVC, USA – Unfortunately, the entire Coven Organization site vanishes once more on or about February 17th (“the stiffs who hosted the domain took offense at The Coven’s PG-rated Vampire Erotica section and removed the domain from their server”). Sanguinarius.org vanishes with it; fortunately, it is mirrored on Tripod, but without the resources such as The Real Vampire Directory and the Vampire Community Calendar. The Coven site was back up again a few days later, but it prompts Sanguinarius to seriously consider acquiring a domain of her own. (Article)

April: USA – Vampire-church.com is first registered.

June 9: USA – Sanguinarius.org domain launches with the generous help of Sangpoursang. (Article)

June 13: USA – Vampires-AMOK, the quad-state coven, is founded for vampires living in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. (Article)

July 14: USA – The Real Vampire Directory moved to Sanguinarius.org. (Article)

October 5: USA – “Angel”, a TV series (spin-off from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) about a vampire cursed with a soul, created by David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon. (Angel)

October 28-December 12: OVC, USA – The Coven site vanishes again. According to Raphael Osiris, the Coven Org’s founder, “The Coven lost access to it’s server because of an overly-cautious hosting providor concerned about our type of ‘content’ and traffic. … We have purchased our own server hardware and high-speed data access line to our headquarters and are no longer at the mercy of said hosting providors.” (Article)

OVC, USA – One of the pre-eminent online resources for modern Vampyres “Sphynxcat’s Real Vampires Support Page” is established on the internet.

USA – “Vittorio the Vampire” by Anne Rice is published.

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