Highlights of 1991:

This new decade marks a swing – though short-lived, from male, to female serial killers and “vampire” related crimes. 

April 25: Santa Cruz, California, USA – A twenty-year-old woman kills her neighbor and drinks his blood reportedly as part of a bizarre vampire fantasy. Deborah Jean Finch (20) a former amusement park roller-coaster operator, is accused of the first-degree murder of Brandon McMichaels, 22, stabbing him twenty-seven times in the neck and chest at his apartment the night of April 25, 1991. It is alleged that she drank the flowing blood. In a recorded interview with detectives, Finch originally says the killing is the result of a suicide pact after a day of drunken revelry. But Assistant District Attorney George Kovacevich claims the killing is more sinister – “…the climax of Finch’s two-year obsession with vampires.” Finch’s defense attorney, Bill Minkner, angrily derides the vampire accusations as a desperate search by prosecutors for a motive other than suicide.

USA – “Vampire: The Masquerade”, the most successful of the vampyre role-playing games, is released by White Wolf. A role-playing game created by Mark Rein·Hagen, it is the first of White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness role-playing games, based on the Storyteller System and centered around vampires in a modern gothic-punk world. The title of the series comes from “The Masquerade”, referring to vampires’ attempts to hide vampirism from humans and their governments, but is also a double entendre referring to vampires’ efforts to convince themselves that they are not truly monsters. The game becomes an overnight favorite of a section of society which includes real self-identifying Vampyres in search of others like themselves. A great many participants in the community later recount how they met others at LARP meet-ups. [The game receives its 20th Anniversary Edition in 2011 and is officially revived as part of White Wolf Publishing’s shift to a print on demand business model.] (Article)

Bucharest, Romania – The Transylvanian Society of Dracula is founded in Bucharest by a group   of leading Romanian historians, ethnographers, folklorists, tourist experts, writers and artists; as well as non-Romanian experts in the field. Taking the lead is Nicolae Paduraru, formerly with the Romanian Ministry of Tourism. [Paduraru died in May 2009. The TSD organizes scholarly activities both in Romania and abroad, as well as tours to sites of TSD interest in Romania. Some high ranked Romanian members do make money out of the touristic activities of the organization, through the Company of Mysterious Journeys tourist agency. Modifications to this agency have occurred since the death of the founder Nicolae Paduraru.] (Article)

Ohio, USA – “House Kheperu” is founded as a Vampyre House, which is primarily centered around a neo-pagan psychic Vampyre religion created by controversial poet and author and Vampyre community figure, spokesperson, author and TV personality Michelle Belanger. House Kheperu and its founder continue to play a role in the Vampyre community for the foreseeable future.

Brazil – Serial killer Marcelo Costa De Andrade (24) begins a killing spree, raping and strangling 14 boys (mainly homeless street kids). He also performs acts of necrophilia, and in the case of two of the victims, drinks their blood thinking that this would make him as beautiful as them. Marcelo is eventually captured and institutionalized but escapes in January of 1997. He is found with a bible heading for the Holy Land. He is believed to be institutionalized somewhere in Brazil at this current time.

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