The Vampyre & Vampyric Donor Focus Group Survey (VVDFGS)

This survey (started in March 2012) is still currently running. Results will be posted here once data processing has been completed…

Survey questionnaire download link. When complete, kindly return the survey questionnaire to

About this survey:

The South African Vampyre Community will soon be the focus of a new survey. Without a doubt, many will assume that this is an external initiative intended to further perpetuate various negative stereotypes mis-applied to the community since it first began to emerge from the shadows in the 1980’s. No, this is a survey of the local Vampyre Community – and it will be conducted by local Vampyres.

The Vampyre & Vampyric Donor Focus Group Survey (VVDFGS) is an initiative of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) under the auspices of the SA Vampyre Culture Center (SAVCC). The survey will focus on self-identifying Vampyres in South Africa, as well as the different sub-classes of how Vampyres identify, and also on those Vampyres who also donate to other Vampyres. It will also work to demonstrate how Vampyres in South Africa interact, perceive themselves and the SA VC.

The motivation for this particular survey is to gather useful statistics which will aid the cause of presenting an accurate image of the local Vampyre Community, and also to build a clear picture of South Africa’s Vampyre Community demographic, to reflect who we are, what we feel about our condition/state/identity or circumstances, and basically what sort of people we are, statistically speaking.

Why this particular survey?

Inspiration and many of the design fundamentals from the VVDFGS are drawn from the Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC and the Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] in part with their two surveys, the VEWRS and AVEWRS. While these previous international surveys were the first to their kind and of excellent quality, extremely detailed and ground-breaking, received high participation numbers globally (nearly a thousand responses); these surveys included very few responses from South Africa. Therefore, only a very tiny portion of South Africa’s Vampyre Community demographic is represented in any existing statistical collection.

This means that if, say a thousand individuals responded to an international survey, and only 5 of them responded from South Africa, then if the results indicate “Most self-identifying Vampyres do/feel/identify as X, Y, or Z“, then this broadly includes them and the SA VC as well, regardless of their individual responses. For this reason, it is necessary to narrow the focus and perform a survey of the SA VC to get a clearer picture of our own  regional and cultural demographic in order to compare. Such a comparison could provide some really intriguing revelations, as well as reveal some interesting observations about differences and similarities in what is essentially the same sub-culture, continents – and even languages apart.

This survey effort will be the very first of its kind in South Africa, and like it’s international predecessors (the VEWRS and AVEWRS) it will likely also attract a variety of interested academics, including social and cultural researchers, anthropologists and other scientific parties.

One of the main goals is to investigate to what extent certain stereotypes regarding Vampyres are true or untrue in South Africa.

The two previous international surveys, the VEWRS and AVEWRS, were broader-focus surveys, which included energy workers with a secondary focus on otherkin and therianthropes as participants from all around the world. The VVDFGS will focus only on local South African Vampyres (sang, psi, omnivores), including several pointed questions for those who also donate to other Vampyres.

The stated goals of the survey are to determine the demographics of self-identified Vampyres within the context of their experiences and within the South African Vampyre Community, and to uncover common experiences, opinions, beliefs, trends, or differences in these within the South African community of self-identified Vampyres. The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the make-up of the local community of self-identified Vampyres, and to understand how they relate to each other and to the community as well as to the general society in which they live.

It is a survey being conducted from within the community, by Vampyres and of Vampyres, but the results of the survey will also be made publicly available in the form of statistics, charts and graphs – and the combined response material will be made available for inspection on request from interested academics or researchers.

As with all surveys, the results will be based only on responses received from those willing to respond. Statistics from responses collected, reflect only the demographic of the percentage of the community which responds to the survey.

The accuracy of this survey is largely dependent on the level of honesty or integrity of the respondents -and how representative of the South African Vampyre Community this survey and its results will be, depends greatly upon how many members of the Community are willing to participate in the survey.

Data collected will be compiled into usable statistics in order to form a clearer picture of who we are as Vampyres, and as a community or sub-culture in the South African context – and in some fields, how we in the South African community compare to the international statistics and trends identified and presented in other surveys of the international VC.

No names, Dayside or Nightside, names of specific community groups, organizations to which they belong, dates of birth, city of residence, or other personally identifiable annotations are to be made on the survey forms, and since no such information will be gathered via the survey, no such personally identifiable information will be made public or included in any part of the survey statistics or results.

The VVDFGS survey period will extend from 1 May, and a tentative closing date of 1 July 2012 has been set, after which all received responses will be collated and processed, and the results compiled into a report which will be made public at the discretion of the Conveners. The survey period will be extended or re-opened from time to time.

About the VVDFGS survey.

Please read how to participate in the survey.
Survey questionnaire download link. When complete, kindly return the survey questionnaire to
The Vampyre & Vampyric Donor Focus Group Survey (VVDFGS) © 2012 and resulting statistical analysis, are the joint intellectual property of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) and the South African Vampyre Culture Center (SAVCC).
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