SAVA SA VC Perception

This survey was run from 19 to 22 February 2013, and received 50 responses. Links to the survey were sent out to a mailing list of local participants and also posted on a wide range of Facebook groups catering to local and international participants in the OVC.

The goal of this survey was to determine the perception in the general OVC of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA).

The number of responses per choice per question will be indicated (in brackets), with the total percentage of responses per choice per question indicated after the number of responses.

SAVA SA VC Perception Survey – 2013/02/19 to 2013/02/22
Total Participants: 50

Q1 From where do you generally interact with the VC?
In South Africa (19) 38.00%
NOT in South Africa (31) 62.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q2 How do you feel about the SAVA currently as an SA VC organization?
I feel POSITIVE about it (34) 68.00%
I feel NEUTRAL about it (12) 24.00%
I feel NEGATIVE about it (4) 8.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q3 How do you feel about the efforts of the SAVA to build the SA VC
I feel PROUD (13) 26.00%
I feel GOOD about SAVA’s work (23) 46.00%
It hasn’t done anything for me/I haven’t really noticed (10) 20.00%
I don’t like the direction SAVA has taken in its efforts (4) 8.00%
I don’t like what the SAVA has done (0) 0.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q4 How do you think of the SAVA? Check all that apply
A community organization dedicated to the building of the SA VC (40) 75.47%
An elitist secret society with exclusive membership (7) 13.21%
The secret “government” of the SA VC (6) 11.32%
A sinister religious “vampire cult” (0) 0.00%
NO ANSWER (3) 0.00%


Q5 Do you think the SAVA does or has done enough to encourage safety measures in the SA VC?
Yes (29) 58.00%
I don’t know (14) 28.00%
No (7) 14.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q6 Do you think there is enough information available on SAVA websites about the VC, what real vampyres are etc?
Yes (32) 64.00%
I don’t know (11) 22.00%
No (7) 14.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q7 Do you think the SAVA engages enough with other community organizations in defense of SA VC interests?
Yes (31) 62.00%
I don’t know (14) 28.00%
No (5) 10.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q8 How do you feel about the level of awareness of the VC generated by the SAVA?
I think it’s a GOOD thing for the VC (28) 56.00%
I don’t know (14) 28.00%
I think it’s a BAD thing for the VC (8) 16.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q9 If asked, would you like to become a member of the SAVA?
Yes (20) 40.00%
No (13) 26.00%
I don’t know (9) 18.00%
I am a member (8) 16.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q10 Are you a self identified Vampyre or vampyric person?
Yes (39) 78.00%
No (5) 10.00%
I’m not sure (4) 8.00%
Other (2) 4.00%
NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


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