Research Conducted By The Academy

One of the functions of the Culture Center is to keep statistics and to archive results of various community surveys in order to keep track of trends in our developing community.

Surveys Conducted By The Academy:

  1. We initiated our first community survey in 2012, the Vampyre & Vampyric Donor Focus Group Survey (VVDFGS).  This survey focuses on Vampyres and Vampyres who donate to other Vampyres.
  2. “How Do You Feel About The SA Vampyre Community?” – 21 January 2013, a short opinion poll on a South African Facebook group.
  3. SA Vampyre Community Religious Affiliation Poll – 06 February 2013
  4. SAVA SA VC Perception Survey 19 to 22 February 2013 – A short international VC-wide survey of ten questions focusing on VC participant perception and opinion of the SAVA.

Anthropological, Cultural & Historical Research:

  1. The body of the historical research pertaining to the “Vampire Milieu”, mention of vampires in historical records and of the real Vampi(y)re Community and subculture, are visible on the dedicated information resource “The Secret History of the Vampyre” (aka “The Vampyre History Project”) in the form of a chronology.


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